Update to Windows 10

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Let's first identify which version of Windows is currently running on your system. 

If it's Windows 7, let's continue. 

If it's Windows 95 or prior, please hold off. 


Next let's backup your database as a safety measure. 

To do so, enter into your Espion Software Directory; that's the "Multifocal" folder found in the C:/ Drive.


From here, let's copy two files. (1) ESLOCAL.INI and (2) ESPION.FDB or any other databases. 

Note that ESPION.FDB will be located in the separate Databases folder within Multifocal.

Now paste these two files into an external thumb drive for safe keeping.  


If moving to a new computer, you may make a copy of the entire C:/Multifocal folder.  This contains all files relating to our software package, including the Espion application.


Go ahead, Download and Run Windows 10 Upgrade. 

Use the prompts provided by the setup wizard. 


Now let's double check that everything is still working as intended. 

Can you open the software - is it free of error messages?

Do you see all of your patients and protocols? 

When you select a protocol, does the test run on each stimulator as intended? 


Check USB drivers


If drivers are not installing in Device Manager, it may be that you have our unsigned USB drivers.  Signed drivers may be downloaded from diagnosysllc.com/software.  The driver download file is called 2018 signed Espion ESB Drivers




Please contact Support if anything seems amiss; happy testing!

support@diagnosysllc.com (747) 600-2297

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