Analyze Data

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There are a few ways to view and analyze the data generated by testing. 


*Please Note: all popup tabs correspond to the second row at the top of a graph page. 


Key Terms: Run, Channel, Step, Sweep, Result

          Run: A command to acquire a set of data. 

          Channel: Refers to an amplifier input, ex) right eye is one channel. Labeled in top left of graph.

          Step: One part of a protocol, denoted by a given set of flash / timing parameters 

          Sweep: A single recording of data. Sweeps are averaged together to generate results.

          Result: The average of one or more recordings of data. 

>> See attachment for full software glossary. 


Alter Marker Placement

Is the maker in the incorrect position? Move it over.

Open the MEASURE popup tab. Find “Markers/Cursors” in red font

               Click “cursor on”

               Choose the marker in need of movement. [In white rectangular box, click for dropdown menu]

               Click on the waveform in the appropriate marker location

               Click “place marker” to drop the marker in the selected location


Adjust Graph Scaling

The X or Y axis is scaled inappropriately for the signal I’ve acquired.

Open the MEASURE popup tab. Find “Channel Scaling” in red font.

               Use the X and Y arrow keys to move the axis together, apart, upwards, downwards

*Please note: “All Channels” will apply to all channels, if this is not enabled, only the selected graph will move.


See Results

I would like to see more/ less waveforms.

Open the DISPLAY popup tab.

               Choose Overlay Mode to see your waveforms overlaid, or not

               Choose Separate Mode ON to see result waveforms spread apart; drag to move


Label Graphs

I would like to see more / less information on the graph windows.

Open the DISPLAY popup tab. Find “Graph Label Options” in red font.

               Select which labels you do / do not wish to be displayed on the graphs

*Please note: what is seen on the graph is what will be printed.


Hide Certain Results

Run #2 was corrupted; I would like to get rid of it.

Open the RESULTS popup tab.     

Option 1: Selectively hide a result 

               Choose the result number in question from the rectangular box at the top of this tab

               Click “Visible” to either hide or make it visible depending on presence of check or X symbol

Option 2: Remove the result completely

               Click “Delete Result” to erase the result completely

               *Please note: “All Channels” and “All Steps”



Edit a Result's Individual Sweeps

A result is valid, but endured a few blinks which could use to be removed.

Open the RESULTS popup tab. Find “Individual Sweeps” in red font.

               Click “Show All” to see each sweep that makes up total result.

               Double click to delete outlier sweeps from signal total.


Average Result Waveforms

I would like to see the average of 2 or more runs per step.

Open the RESULTS popup tab.

               Click “Create Average” to create an average of all results taken.

               * Please note: “All Channels” and “All Steps”        




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