Compile a Normative Database

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The method for creating your own normal database for Pattern ERG, Pattern VEP, and Full Field ERGs:

Select the protocol, press NORMALS, press NEW. the following window will appear

Click Stimulator Parameters and enter all stimulus parameter information exactly the same as is listed within the protocol. Note: it will be best to get this information prior to beginning this process; the information can be found by selecting a Protocol, pressing MODIFY, pressing PARAMETERS. Go to the Stimulus tab, click on any parameter such as "Flash Intensity"; this same window will appear. Capture a screenshot to use as a reference. see image of parameters window below

Once the Protocol Parameters are filled out, click Ok. Now add a Marker Name; this too must match exactly what is specified within the Protocol. Note) Marker Name is found in Protocol Parameters within the Markers tab.

Indicate the Sex of the normal results.

Fill out Age, Age Range, Time & Amplitude of Marker, Time & Amplitude deviation of Marker. Note) the deviation must be calculated on your own. Include the total number of normals, meaning the total number of people tested. Select Electrode Type and Enable. see image of filled out normal window below

When done, click Create Normal.

This process will be done one marker at a time, per age group of a specific protocol.

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