Amplifier Calibration

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how-to check a Diagnosys 32-bit Differential Amplifier's Calibration

1 Enter into the Multifocal folder located in the Computer's C:/ drive. 

2 Locate and open armtest.exe.

3 Select the impedance tab. 

4 Set Impedance Options to Impedance Test.

5. Change Montage Channels to Start 0, total 5

6. Insert 0K resistance cables into all ports of the amplifier

7. Press start calibrate.

8. Collect at least 50 Averages.  Then press stop

9. Click "Save 0K".

10. Remove the 0K cables from the amplifier and connect the 10K cables

11. Press Start calibrate.

12. Collect at least 50 Averages.  Then press stop

13. Click "Save 10K"


Close armtest.  The amplifier's impedance function has been recalibrated, new values are stored directly on memory chip on amplifier.


Open a protocol in Espion and use impedance cables to confirm that imped function works correctly.


Note: Calibration of the impedance function has no effect on data collection.  This function is only intended to provided feedback on the quality of the electrical connection of the electrodes to the test subject.


Image: 0K/10K Resistance cables. 




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