Check Calibration Status

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The ColorDome and ColorBurst require routine calibration maintenance; here is how to check if it's time for servicing. 


Beginning on the START page of your software, navigate to:

Configure System > Program > Global > Debug Mode.

Change Debug Mode to 1. 

Close & Save. 


Open a protocol that uses the ColorDome. 

Turn out the rooms lights or cover the Dome with a dust cover / opaque material. 

[Because the light sensor within the Dome will present an inaccurate reading if it spots ambient light]

When the calibration window appears, click Calibrate.

Check the Factor column.

Here, 1 = 100%; we encourage the Dome to be calibrated if any of the values deviate by 20% or more.

Please contact to arrange a Calibration. 

Continue to routinely use this Auto-Calibration feature.

Clicking 'Calibrate' makes adjustments to the LED output which ensure that the intensity of light leaving the device matches the intensity specified by the protocol. 


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