Unavailable Database: ISC Error Code

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Message: "Unavailable Database: ISC Error Code _____"


Meaning: Firebird program is not running properly. 


Action: Computer savvy users may try the following; others please contact support@diagnosysllc.com to arrange a remote-in session where one of our representatives can go through this process for you, online. Please take a screenshot of the error message and attach it to the email. Otherwise, call us at 747-600-2297.

Uninstall Firebird 

> Close Diagnosys software

> Open Control Panel, Programs and Features

> Find Firebird, right click to Uninstall 

> Go to Windows Start menu, type in a search for "Uninstall Firebird"

> Choose Firebird uninstaller and follow the prompts, leaving all default settings

Reinstall Firebird

> Open Computer, C:\ drive, Multifocal (or) Espion folder

> Open Firebird and Utilities folder

> Double click to run Firebird Installer.exe (or) Firbird 2._ ..Win32.exe

> Follow the setup, use default settings

> Finish and open the software

Check Up

> Check to see that the error is gone

> Ensure that you are able to access your patients and protocols 



Database is a structured set of data housed by a computer. 

Firebird is a relational database used to manage patient data. 

Uninstall is to remove from computer. 

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