Adjusting Marker Placement

Markers are automatically placed on top of wave-forms. Noise may skew data. 

To correct marker placement, use the Measure tab of the pop out side menu. 

1) Turn cursors On. clicking changes X to Check

2) Specify which marker is to be changed. Do so by selecting the marker in the Markers/Cursors box

3) Double click on the graph in the waveform to drop selected marker


Tip 1: Spread apart results for easier review. Use separate mode to spread apart results for analysis. To do so, use Display tab; Overlay Mode = Results, Separate Mode = On. 


Tip 2: See only selected results. Use visibility feature to select which results can be seen. To do so, use Results tab; choose result number in the top-most box, click visible to show or hide results. 

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