Internal Serial Number Not Match Filename

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Message: "Internal Serial Number [1] does not match filename Serial Number [C:\Multifocal\PSG###.CAL]"


Explanation: Stimulator serial number is not entered into the calibration file. 


Action: Open Windows Start > Computer > C:\Multifocal > search for .CAL file > Open as text .TXT file > Check Serial Number > Change 1 to accurate ### > Close > Save. 


Tip 1: Stimulator Serial Number is denoted on the stimulator decal. 


Tip 2: Once complete with entering S/N in text mode, make sure file is saved in C:\Multifocal as a .CAL file. 


Tip 3: Check that IO Card is enabled in Configure System, Hardware, Console. 



.CAL is a file extension used specifically for calibration files. 

Calibration file ensures stimulator is firing accurate increments of light. 

Serial Number denotes the identity of a product in series. 

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