Color Matrix not found

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Message: "Color Matrix for Stimulator 1, Serial Number ### cannot be found. Using Default Matrix"


Explanation: Calibration files not present 


Action 1: Check for calibration files; are calibration files present in the software folder? To check for these files, open Window's start menu, computer, C: drive. Choose the Multifocal or Espion software. Search this folder for a "COLD ### .CAL. 


Action 2: Check the software configuration; is the stimulator serial number listed? Check for the serial number in Configure System, Hardware, Ganzfeld, Serial Number. The serial number should match both the stimulator's decal as well as the number of the calibration file. 


Action 3: Check that IO card is enabled. IO Card Enabled can be found in Configure System, Hardware, Console. 



.CAL is a file extension used for calibration files. 

Calibration files ensure the stimulator is firing accurate increments of light. 

Configure System is a place to specify all system parameters. 

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