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Diagnosys uses a simple, pain free DTL application. We suggest performing the DTL application after applying the electrodes to the patient. 

(1) Remove DTLs from packaging by the circular patches.

(2) Ask the patient to close their eye and affix the smaller end patch onto the (inner canthus) nose near the corner of the eye. The fiber should be positioned away from the nose, in direction of the eye.

(3) Ask the patient to tilt the head back and open the eyes. 

(4) Drape fiber gently over the bottom area of the eye, just above the bottom lid. Make sure that as much fiber as possible is in contact with the eye. Leave a bit of slack in the fiber. 

(5) The fiber should be resting comfortably on the eye, just above the lower lid and free from the patient's lashes. If the DTL is stuck in the lashes, gently pull the back the fiber and repeat step (4). 

(6) Fasten the larger sticky pad to the side of the face near the temple and tuck the connection wire over the patient's ear.

(7) Check the patient's comfort level. The eye should feel the fiber present but not slicing. If the fiber feels slicing, adjust the tension by bringing the two sticky pads closer together.    

(8) Connect the DTL wire to the extender cable. Although black and red wires are identical inside, we say Right on Red to simplify step (9). 

(9) Finally, plug the extender cable into the amplifier montage and check impedance.


Correct DTL Application:


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