Replace ColorDome Video Converter

A video converter takes the video information from the ColorDome and transfers it to the computer where you can see the video stream. This component may end its life cycle prematurely and require replacement. 


In its original state, the video converter is inside the ColorDome's power supply.

Step One. Unplug 1) the ColorDome's aux cable from the power supply box 2) the USB leaving from the power supply to the computer. 


Step Two. Connect 1) the ColorDome's aux to the video converter's yellow plug 2) the video converter's USB plug to the computer's USB port.

Now the hardware is plugged in. Feel free to remove the now un-used USB (from power supply to computer). 


Step Three. Install Drivers. Open control panel's Device Manager. Locate a new device, usually denoted by a yellow exclamation point. Right click on the device > Update software driver > Browse locally > select C:\Multifocal\ USB Camera Driver > Apply > Close. 


Step Four. Check for Video. Open Diagnosys software and select a ColorDome-based protocol that uses a camera. In the video window, select Camera drop down menu > video source > Select the new video converter. At this point the ColorDome's camera stream will appear in the camera viewer window. 


Please contact if you would like assistance with any part of this process. 


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