ColorDome Camera/Video Converter

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Replace the video converter to fix a camera issue. 


Here is a step by step to follow after receiving your Diamond Video Converter. 

Please contact 747 600 2297 or if you would like assistance with any part of this process. 


Part A: Change out the hardware. 


1) Locate the current Video Converter which is located in the back door of the RED or GOLD unit. Note: you may need to use a flat-head screwdriver to open the door. 


2) Remove the current Video Converter by unplugging it from both ends. Unplug the USB end from the computer and unplug the Auxiliary end from the ColorDome. 

3) Take out the Video Converter and toss it aside. 

4) Replace it with the new Video Converter, re-plugging connections. Connect the USB cable into the computer and the yellow auxiliary plug into the ColorDome's input. 



1) Locate the ColorDome Power Supply located between the ColorDome and E3 Console. 

2) Unplug the Auxiliary and USB connections from it. Remove the USB connection from the computer as well, we will not be using this cable anymore. 

3) Plug in the new Video Converter by connecting the yellow auxiliary plug into the ColorDome's input and the Video Converter's USB connection into the Computer. 


Part B: Establish the software. 


Install Drivers. Remove the DVD - Install and Run VC500.exe - Open Computer, DVD Drive (D:) - Copy the DRIVER folder - Paste it into Computer (C:), Multifocal folder, Camera USB Drivers 

Open Control Panel, Device Manager, Ports or Other Devices - Right Click to Update Driver Software - Browse for file location C:\Multifocal\Camera USB Drivers - Apply



Check for Video. Open Diagnosys Espion Software - Select a ColorDome protocol - Check the Camera window - select Camera tab, Video Source, select Conexant Polaris 

If no image appears, click Controls tab - set both brightness and contrast values to 8191 - move the sliders half way across - Close 




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