Recover a Corrupted Test using Autosave

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If you are trying to open an old test and are blocked by a message reading, "Access violation at address ### in module 'multifocal.exe'/ Read of address ###" 

This means that the test file has been corrupted. 

(1) To recover the test file, make a note of the time and date that the test was conducted

(2) Close the software. 

(3) Enter into the C:/Multifocal Autosave folder. 

(4) Find the corrupted test file by matching the date, time, test type. Copy the corrupted file and paste it into the same Autosave folder (It will save as ESSAVE##-copy).

(5) Rename the file to ESSAVE.BAK. Erase everything after "ESSAVE" so that the file name is just ESSAVE.BAK

(6) Now open the software. 

(7) Press Start

(8) A message will automatically appear, "A Recovery File dated ______ has been found for _____. Do you want to load the recovered data?" Select yes

The recovered test file will open. Make sure to save when exiting. 

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