DTL vs Contact Lens Electrode

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Researchers Kuze and Uji from the Mie University School of Medicine of Tsu-shi, Japan examined DTL (Dawson, Trick, and Litzkow) electrodes alongside contact lens Burian-Allen electrodes to determine whether DTLs would yield stable ERG recordings in patients of all ages. 


While contact lens electrodes hold the eyes open, avoiding blink artifacts; they risk corneal abrasion. Comparatively, DTL electrodes may be worn for extended periods of time without damage to corneal physiology or discomfort for patients. 


Kuze and Uji found that DTL electrodes yield stable and reproducible signals. They noticed that movement or uneven fitting of DTL electrodes on the cornea produced artifacts. To maximize stability, the electrode should be placed loosely in the conjunctival sac. If placed too tightly, blinking and eye movements can affect amplitudes. 


Source: Kuze and Uji

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