ERG Room Recommendations

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General Recommendations

1. Electrical - having the room on a separate circuit or reducing noise in results; however, this is not absolutely necessary 

2. Placement - away from large electrical appliances such as HVAC, refrigerators, elevators, etc. Also reduce the number of other medical devices in the same room

3. Avoid rooms with dimmer switches.  If not possible, that is fine.  Room lights should either be fully on or fully off.  Operating dimmer switch at any other value than On/Off (ie. 1-99% brightness) will introduce electrical noise into the room.


Scotopic Testing Recommendations

1. Light - red lamp for dark adapted testing. Longer wavelength reds are better at not light adapting your patient.  Not necessary, but is nice for working in a room with a dark adapted patient

2. Wall Paint - black matte color for dark adaptation.  This mitigates any light from the computer from bouncing around the room into your patient's pupils.  Less of an issue if you have a red filter over the computer screen.

3. Room - no windows, under-the-door area covered so as to let no light through 


Room Dimensions

Room size is your discretion, but we would recommend it be comfortably sized for moving around a cart that is about 2 feet long by 1.5 feet wide by 4.5 feet tall.  The E3 desktop setup requires a good sized office table, perhaps space for the amplifier and ColorDome.

A room sized at least 80 sq ft should give you adequate testing space.



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