Setting up ColorDome Camera

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Step 1) Confirm Colordome camera cable is connected to USB video capture device.

  1. The USB video capture is depicted below.  This device converts an analog signal from the camera inside the colordome to a digital signal that is sent to the computer  via USB connection.  A grey coax cable from the Colordome will connect to the yellow lead of this device.  The USB will connect to the computer. Screen_Shot_2021-04-14_at_1.49.15_PM.png

Note this usb video capture device has a different location for Desktop and Cart systems – see images below.


If device is plugged in but not found, try reconnecting the USB to the computer.


NOTE: If you have a cart system, you may have two USB video capture devices.  One will be in the Colordome power supply shown above, and the other will  be mounted behind the stimulator control box.  In this case, pick one and connect it to the computer.  Do not plug both USB video devices into the computer.  This will cause a conflict in Windows that will prevent operation of the video capture device.

Step 2) Enable camera viewer if not visible

Camera viewer can be enabled in Setup tab.  Click on "Camera" button.  Will be labeled with green check mark when enabled.  



If camera viewer window does not appear, it may be off screen.  Open file C:/Multifocal/CAMERAERG.INI.  Right click file and open with Windows Notepad application.  Change value for top and Left to 100.  Save file and close.  Try opening camera view in Espion again.


Step 3) Confirm video source

  1. Click “Camera” --> “Video Source” in the camera viewer window
  2. Do you see options here? Our camera is usually named Conexant or USB 2000



Step 4) Troubleshoot the Camera Settings.

      1. Set video format to NTSC_M.  
        1. Go to Camera, Menus, Capture.
    2. Screen_Shot_2021-04-14_at_1.45.14_PM.pngCapture2.JPG
      1. Set Output Size to 320x240
        1. Go to Camera, Menus, Capture_Pin
    5. Screen_Shot_2020-02-03_at_2.55.52_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2020-02-03_at_2.55.41_PM.png
      1. Set maximum Brightness and Contrast to 8191, set sliders to at least half
        1. Controls Tab, resize camera window (larger) if maximum values not visible



Step 5) Update Camera Driver Software

  1. Open Windows Device Manager.  In Windows 10 the easiest way to do that is to use the search bar next to the windows button at the bottom left of screen. Screen_Shot_2021-04-14_at_1.57.08_PM.png
  2. Check for OTG102 or USB 2000 under “other devices” or “sound, video and game controllers”                                 Screen_Shot_2021-04-14_at_1.58.40_PM.png
  3. Right click on device name and select “Update Driver Software” --> “Browse Computer”
  4. Drivers for USB video converters are included in our software directory.  Select C:\Multifocal.  Click Next.  Close next window after driver has installed.  Screen_Shot_2021-04-14_at_2.01.15_PM.png
  5. Installed device will appear as USB2.0 Video Capture in "Sound, Video, and Game controllers




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