Troubleshooting ColorDome Camera

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Step 1) First let’s establish a Camera Connection.

  1. Click “Camera” --> “Video Source” in the camera viewer window
  2. Do you see options here? Our camera is usually named Conexant or USB 2000
    1. If YES – select the camera.
      1. If this immediately shows a camera image – you’re done!
      2. If the camera display is a Black Screen – move on to Step 3
      3. If the camera display is a Blue Screen – move on to Step 4
    2. If NO – move on to Step 2


Step 2) Let’s troubleshoot the Physical Camera Connection.

  1. Locate the physical connection, unplug, and re-plug the connector.

Note this is different for Desktop vs Cart systems – see images below.


  1. After re-plugging the connector, open the software again and select protocol.
  2. Check again if any camera options are listed under “Camera” --> "Video Source"
    1. If YES – Select it and check for image.


Step 3) Let’s troubleshoot the Camera Settings.

      1. Set video format to NTSC_M.  
        1. Go to Camera, Menus, Capture.
    1. Screen_Shot_2020-02-03_at_2.55.52_PM.png Capture2.JPG
      1. Set Output Size to 320x240
        1. Go to Camera, Menus, Capture_Pin
    3. Screen_Shot_2020-02-03_at_2.55.41_PM.png 
      1. Set maximum Brightness and Contrast to 8191, set sliders to at least half
        1. Controls Tab, resize camera window (larger) if maximum values not visible



Step 4) Let’s Update Camera Driver Software

  1. Open Control Panel --> Device Manager
  2. Check for OTG102 or USB 2000 under “other devices” or “sound, video and game controllers” **
  3. Right click on device name and select “Update Driver Software” --> “Browse Computer”
  4. Select C:\Mutifocal\Camera USB Drivers\” driver specific folder” 
    1. If you see a message, “correct driver already installed” – then that was not the problem.
    2. If the setting saves, then re-try the camera.

** Note: one way to validate that the right device is isolated, remove USB, check if associated device disappears from the list.


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