ColorDome Camera issue

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There are a few things we can try. It may be the case that we must replace a component of your system, as this is a common problem.

1) When you open a protocol and see the blue screen, click on "Camera" in the top-left of the blue screen window; next click on "Video Source"; choose from the drop-down options. Do any of them work to power on the ColorDome camera?

2) Check the physical connection. 

For a CART SYSTEM, locate the USB cable that runs from the computer to this Video Converter component in the back door of the RED or GOLD unit (note, you may need to use a flat-head-screwdriver to open the door). Unplug this connection from both ends - then re-plug it securely. 

For a DESKTOP SYSTEM, locate the ColorDome Power Supply and unplug the Aux and USB cables from it. Then reconnect the connections securely. 

3) Try to update driver software: See our Help Center article for Updating Driver Software.

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