Connect to Databases

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The Espion Software can be directed to multiple directories.  It is very simple to change the directory that you are accessing in order to view and take tests for different sets of patients grouped into separate directories.

Open up the Espion Software and click on Database Center




Now Click on the Connect Button




Finally, Find the database you wish to access.  Databases in general are stored in the Multifocal folder under databases.  In some cases, you may have a database stored elsewhere.  In that case, you need to navigate to the location of the database you wish to access and select it from there.



 Click Open [or double click the .fdb file] when you've found your database.  You will be returned to the start menu of Espion, with the new database connected.



To connect to another database after you are done, repeat the process.  The database you were currently accessing will be disconnected, and you will be connected to the next database you are trying to access.

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