About Calibration

Calibration is required for stimulators which produce flashes of light; a calibration is performed at the time of manufacture and is recommend as a yearly service.

The reason for the calibration is the nature of the LED lights inside of the stimulator which degrade over time, temperature, and usage. As time goes on, we make adjustments to the calibration file to ensure that when the software asks for a 3 candela flash, we produce just that. 

A calibration process requires removing the ColorDome or ColorBurst from your facility and shipping it to Diagnosys. Diagnosys will have the stimulator for about 2 days before sending it back. With shipping time on either end, the total calibration process lasts about 1 week

If your facility is in need of a calibration but cannot go a full week without your machine, please ask about our Loaner service

The current cost for calibration is $1000 for a ColorBurst and $2000-$4000 for a ColorDome depending on whether it is a regular, Xenon, or UV type. Please provide us with the Serial Number of your ColorDome or ColorBurst for an accurate quote.

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