Software Update V6.59.9

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Note: V6.59.9 is not compatible with systems using PSG's to run a CRT monitor.  Please do not update if this applies to your system.


Update the software by downloading a Patch file from

Make a copy of your software directory as a backup before implementing the update.

Do so by going to Computer, C:/ drive, Multifocal (or Espion) folder. 

Create a copy of all of the contents in this Multifocal or Espion folder; leave it there as "Multifocal-copy". 


Now, open and run the Patch file from the download. 

Follow all prompts, agreeing to default answers; click yes / ok several times. 

Let the update install itself. 

Your new software version will be listed on the HOME page of the software. 

This completes the software update process! Please review the following scenarios below to determine if additional configuration is required.


1. If you use the LCD monitor for Pattern VEP, refer to (1)


2. If you have an AVR system refer to section (2b), if you are not sure, check (2a)


(1) Change Screen Files for Pattern VEP on LCD monitor

Due to new inner-software labeling, the Luminance and Timing files will change locations. 

Make note of these settings in the VGA 1 Monitor section.

Implement them into the DVI 2 Monitor section. 


(2a) Check for AVR board 

AVR is an older type of control board shipped in control boxes.  Diagnosys began shipping newer ARM board control boxes in the year 2015.

Determine the type of board installed by the following:

Open software -> Configure System -> Hardware -> Console -> Module Information


(2b) Set timing files in Test Method for AVR

This update will default timing files to ARM type files, this must be adjusted prior to successfully executing AVR system tests. 

General Overview of what the sections are used for in Configure System/Hardware:

DVI1 -  MFERG on the LCD monitor

DVI2 -  Patterns on the LCD monitor

VGA1 - Patterns on Envoy, Celeris PERG, or CRT monitors 


These are the files you need to set in each section.


Screen luminance ->

Timing File:


Screnn luminance ->

Timing File:


Screen luminance -> Depends on monitor type

Timing File: Depends on monitor type, but is a OLED_AVR_800x600... file




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