Ship a ColorDome for Calibration

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Check for shipping box: Do you have the original ColorDome box? 

The ColorDome is delicate and must be packaged properly prior to shipping. 

If you do not have the original ColorDome box, please notify Diagnosys Support.

Provide your preferred shipping address and a box will be sent to you.


Prepare the ColorDome for shipment: Unplug it from the system. 

The ColorDome has a long tail that leaves from the back and connects into 3 places. 

Unplug each of these connections. 


Pack up the box: Include only the ColorDome. 


Only send the ColorDome, no extra parts are necessary. 

Flip the ColorDome over and slide it into place in the bottom foam insert.  It should sit securely in place  Take the top foam piece and slide the ColorDome cable through the slit.  Pull the cord all the way through as you place the foam over the ColorDome.  Neatly coil up the cord on top of the foam.  Close up the box and seal with packing tape.


Ship to: 

Diagnosys LLC

55 Technology Dr

Suite 100

Lowell, MA 01851 



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