50/60 Hz Mains Rejection

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Electricity is an alternating wave that can sometimes interfere with electrophysiological recordings. 


Diagnosys has created a feature to adjust for this noise called 50/60 Hz filter or Line filter. 


The feature may be turned on per test or set as a default. 


To turn on the filter within a test: 

Click on Channels in the top row to open the Channels tab of the pop-out menu. 

Turn ON the 50/60 Hz Line Filter. 

In a Multifocal ERG Test Window: 

See the side menu and toggle the 50/60Hz Line Filter box. 


To default the 50/60 Hz filter to be ON: 

Begin on the START page of the software. 

Click on Configure System. 

Open Test Method folder. 

Find the test in question: ERG Test, VEP Test, etc. 

Scroll to find Line Filter (ERG, VEP, EOG) or Runtime Mains Rejection (MF ERG),

Click to make a Green Check. 


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