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Clean Skin & Scalp Surface

First) Use Lemon Prep Abrasive Scrub and/or Alcohol Wipe to remove oils, makeup, etc from the surface; this can be done using gauze, Q-tip, glove, or finger. Be Careful to ask about Lemon Allergies!

Next) Remove the Lemon Prep with a tissue, gauze, or paper towel. Add water if needed. Be sure to use non-lotion infused tissues!


Apply Electrodes to Clean Surface 

Place the electrodes in their appropriate locations. 

ERG = 2 Corneal electrodes, 2 Temple electrodes, 1 Forehead electrode

VEP = 1 Forehead electrode, 1 Crown electrode, 1 Occipital electrode

EOG = 1 electrode on each side of both eyes (4 total), 1 Forehead electrode



Plug Electrodes Into Amplifier


Left Eye: (-) Temple (+) Corneal

Right Eye: (-) Temple (+) Corneal 

Forehead: Green GND / Cz


Fz: Forehead 

Cz: Crown

Oz: Occipital 

O1 & O2: Occipital for 3 channel pVEP


Left Eye: (-) outer (+) inner eye

Right Eye: (-) outer (+) inner eye

Forehead: Green GND / Cz


Pupillometry, FST, and DA do not require electrode placement.  


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