Password Protecting the Software

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Step 1 Enable Password Protection

Program the software to ask for a password by clicking on Configure System from the HOME page. Open Program > open Database > Scroll to Password Options > select Requested. Close and Save.


Step 2 Open IBManager

Use the Database Management icon on the desktop -OR- open Multifocal folder > Firebird and Utilities folder > IBManager.exe

Step 3 Register Localhost

If localhost is visible in the host list to the left, double-click to connect to it.

If it is not visible, click Database > Register Host

When the register host window opens, type masterkey in the Password field and press Next. On the next page, press Finish – you don’t have to do anything else.


Localhost will now appear under Databases

Double-click on localhost to connect to it. It will become colored instead of greyscale to indicate your connection success.

Step 4 Connect to Database

Now that you’re connected to the host, we’ll register the database. Database > Register Database

There will be a series of three windows. Window 1 press Next, Window 2 press Next, Window 3 press Browse. Browse location is: This PC > Windows (C:) > Multifocal > Databases > ESPION.FDB (or choose a different database) > Open. Finish


The database will appear underneath the localhost. Double-click the database name to connect to it. When connected, it will go from grayscale to colored.

Step 5 Add Users

Go to Tools > User Manager

Add User to create the User(s) for the trial.


The “Name” is the username. Use the technician’s last name. Add their first and last name. Set password.


Repeat for however many technicians there are for the study. If there are multiple technicians with the same surname, use the first initial + last name as the username.


Step 6 Assign Roles

Go to Tools > Role Manager to assign roles to the usernames we have created.

Select the Technician Role, then click Edit Role Members. There are FOUR roles available; Viewer: View Records Only; cannot make changes. Technician: Add subjects; Run & Save tests; Reviewer: Modify and Review Tests. Investigator: Modify protocols; Run tests. More detail is available in the System Administrator Manual located in the Manuals folder. 


Add all technicians to the user role technician, using arrow buttons, then press Ok. At the confirmation prompt, click Commit.


Step 7 Log in to Software

Close IBManager. Open the software, click START and enter User Name & Password to enter.

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